League of X (Clips, 2015)


All too often multi-tasking instrumentalists with special skills, such as dancing, singing, beat boxing, acrobatics, fire magic, are neglected in today’s world of compartmentalization and treated as outsiders, rather than being embraced as open-minded artists and praised for their unique talent. A far cry from the age of the Renaissance, where artists were masters of many different crafts. IGUDESMAN & JOO want to celebrate the skills of these unique talents by bringing them together and creating truly ‘x-traordinary’ shows. Artwork by Alain Xalabarde, Photo by Julia Wesely

Official website: www.igudesmanandjoo.com

Language: English – Format: XDCAM 25p, Stereo
Screen ratio: 1:78:1 (16:9) – Resolution: HD 1080p

Directed & edited by: Sebastian Leitner – Additional Cameras: Sebastian Datzreiter, Peter Maler
Sound Recordist/Mixer: Jonas Petersen – Live Sound/Mix: Philipp Treiber, Volker Werner, Benjamin Wuthe
Featuring: Sophie Abraham, Adam Ben Ezra, Mina Ghobrial, Guillaume Jacot, Oded Kafri, Krzysztof Kokoszewski, Marzi Nyman, Rusanda Panfili, Andrei Pushkarev, Luis Ribeiro, Sonja Schebeck, Mihaly Simko-Varnagy, Asya Sorshneva, Jacek Stolarczyk and Igudesman&Joo