DCP Info

Digital Cinema Mastering – On location in Berlin or via online transfer

Please get in touch for a price estimate. Costs depend on length, specs and services needed.

DCP has been the international digital cinema standard since 2002. This is what cinemas usually show and it needs to be perfect to fulfill the high standards and strict guidelines. Many believe it’s easy to create DCPs yourself but the fact is, many cinema servers are old and outdated. Cinema equipment in expensive and not everyone invests in software updates. This is were I come in: I offer professional and high-quality DCP-Mastering and have the experience to guarantee 100% playability worldwide – I will stick to the conservative IOP specs as much as possible (depending on your needs and wishes).

I provide special pricing solutions for independent and student productions as well as short content like ads.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask if anything is unclear. Looking forward to mastering your movie!

Basic services include:

  • Conforming to worldwide DCI-interOP specs (2K or 4K, 5.1 or 7.1 Surround)
  • Frame rate conversion to 24p (IOP safe) and resizing to scope or flat
  • Optional DLP XML subtitles (soft) made from subtitle files like SRT/STL/SSA/…
  • Or subtitles burned-in (hardcoded) following universal formatting standards
  • Color and gamma space conversion for DCI P3 standard to match your source master
  • Unencrypted only for best compatibility and instant access
  • DCP-Masters on HDD (CRU optional) in 100% compatible Linux ext2 format
  • DCP will be thoroughly tested and validated to ensure compliance