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(Online) Training: Become a DCP-Professional (Resolve Workshop):

Please get in touch for a price estimate. Costs depend group size and extent.
Alternatively you can book me for 1:1 online tutoring via Skype or Zoom.us.

I teach DCP-creation (Win/Mac) with all aspects of the audio-visual mastering process, including subtitling, transfer (linux cloning) and QC. You can book me for group or individual (online) tutoring in German and English or purchase one of my workshops: Davinci Resolve Studio (since v15) added the best cheap but professional way for DCP mastering (Kakadu J2K) but it’s a lot more complicated than that with many potential issues. The crucial work takes place before and after encoding. Digital cinema has been around since 2002 and gains more importance by the day due to movie making and festival screenings more ubiquitous. My goal is to teach you how to deliver fully DCI-compliant DCPs with 100% playback compatibility – while also making sure it looks and sounds as intended! I will get you to a level to offer DCP-mastering yourself and take care of all your delivery needs.


  • Download the starter version of my DCP-mastering e-book to familiarise yourself with available tools and the basic workflow.

25 Pages, limited content (no screenshots or walkthroughs) Free

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Also available for Amazon Kindle: English | Deutsch

  • Purchase the FULL version of the e-book with all workflow tutorials (incl. Resolve Studio 16+, Audio and QC tools) and extras.

51 Pages, complete content, app tutorials and more €29

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  • An extensive 6 hours video masterclass with exclusive materials and hands-on examples in Resolve Studio 16+ & QC tools. Pro-Insights, complete guides, tutorials and trouble shooting. In English with live audience. This is your complete resource to learn and understand DCP-mastering for a global market.

Learn everything step about cinema mastering and DCP €99 See what's included

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