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Seminars and Workshops

Sebastian and his colleague were able to take us on a two-days journey through the art of filmmaking, exploring the technical aspects and settings of filmmaking and editing as well as the art of dramaturgy and narrating stories. His workshop was a valuable help in developing our projects further and was a perfect combination between „hardware“ (technical requirements) and „software“ (personal skills) needed when trying to develop meaningful videos.

Elisabeth Korinth (Interactive Heritage Map of Syria, a project of the Museum for Islamic Art)
Just wanted to say thanks so much for writing this ebook! The DCP I created worked perfectly (and looked amazing) when I previewed it in the cinema and I doubt I could’ve produced it so quickly and confidently without having read your recommended methods. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with filmmakers for such a reasonable price.

Mark (Buyer of my English ebook on DCP mastering)