Female Voice of Iran (Feature, 2020)


A new feature documentary coming 2020
Iran is a multi-ethnic country with an ancient, diverse history. In every part of this vast country, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds have their own unique musical culture in which women’s voices have always played an important role. Women in Iran and not allowed to do many things or be truly free. This movie travels to remote places, portraits nomads and city-women alike. They are all connected by their strong will and love for music.

Official Website: www.femalevoiceofiran.com

Currently in edit (since April 2019)
Inspired by: www.zeitgenoessische-oper.de/produktionen/female-voice-iran

Running Time: 82 – Language: English/Farsi
Format: XAVC S, Surround – Screen ratio: 1:85:1 – Resolution: DCI 2K, 24p

A Film by: Yalda Yazdani, Andreas Rochholl, Sebastian Leitner
Edited by: Sebastian Leitner
Produced by: KADMOS Produktion & SLFILM media