MännerBrüste (DCP/DVD, 2014)

Männer zeigen Filme, Frauen ihre Brüste


A corrective antidote to the forest of tumescent erections in Lars Von Trier’s extended cut of Nymphomaniac, this low-key Forum entry at the Berlinale offers a welcome female-directed perspective on sexual politics and male erotic fantasy. The Hollywood Reporter, February 2014

Assignment: DCP, DVD-Authoring

Running Time: 90′ – Language: German/English – Format: RED, Surround
Screen ratio: 1:85:1 – Resolution: 2K @ 24

Produced & Directed by: Isabell Šuba
Featuring: Anne Haug, Matthias Weidenhöfer
DCP-Creator, DVD-Author: Sebastian Leitner
Distributed by: missingFilms (Indigo DVD)

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