The Indian (Short, 2012)

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Where ever he walks, Chaos follows
A clumsy young Indian gets kicked out of the apartment of his girlfriend. Trying to win her back he starts to search for a job. Things however do not go exactly according to plans and he has to get inventive in order to get rid of the two ruthless Gangsters, Police and that Secret Agency that’s after him due to a series of unfortunate coincidences. An homage to the classical American cinema, done by huge fans of the genre. Photo by Reinhard Steiner

Released only as a concept short movie. Feature film frozen.
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Running Time: 10 min  – Language: English
Format: DCP 24p – Surround 5.1
Screen ratio: 1:85:1 (Academy) – Resolution: HD 1080p

Written and directed by Chris Foessl
Exec. Producer & Editor: Sebastian Leitner
DoP: Alexander Boboschewski – Produced by Chris Foessl
Sound Mixer &  Editor: Jonas Petersen – Music by Edwin Wendler

Featuring: Jagdeep Bajwa, Manuela Feris, David Wurawa, Martin Oberhauser, Georgij Makazaria