Cairo Jazzman (Feature, 2017)


The groove of a Megacity
Passionate Amr Salah is an Egyptian jazz composer and musician trying to organise the Cairo Jazz Festival; a risky undertaking, not only because of his limited experience, but mainly also due to the increasingly intolerant social climate. This political music documentary simultaneously paints an atmospheric portrait of the Egyptian capital.

World premiere Film Festival Rotterdam 2017
In German cinemas starting Dec. 20th, 2019:

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Running Time: 82 – Language: English/German/Arabic/French
Format: RED, AVCHD, Surround – Screen ratio: 1:85:1 – Resolution: DCI 2K, 24p

Directed and produced by: Atef Ben Bouzid
Edited and co-produced by: Sebastian Leitner
International Sales: EuroArts Berlin GmbH

Main theme by: Adam Lukas
Digital colorist: Mario Seidl
Graphic design: Goillu

Featured musicians: Michelle Rounds, OUM, Nabil Khemir, Soweto Kinch, Naseer Shamma, Arabian Knightz, Carlos Bica & Carsten Daerr, Kaz Okumura Trio