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Welcome! I’m a freelance
Filmmaker, Editor & DCP-Creator
based in Berlin – available worldwide,
who also creates websites

TV / DCP Mastering & Subtitling

I master the digital cinema standard following worldwide DCI regulations. I’ll make sure it’s solid and tested – I also provide QC, transfer & subtitling and teach courses/seminars. Learn professional DCP-mastering yourself!

Details & Specs Webinar & eBook

Teaching & Seminars

Book me for trainings, be it for your company, institution, event, closed group or 1on1. I have experiences with teaching special workshops about all aspects of film-making & post-production, for beginners and advanced alike.

References & Proof

Film & Trailer Editing

I provide quick but tasteful offline/online editing and mastering for all kinds of applications as well as high grade trailers or PR clips. I know most of the software available but mainly work on Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve.

Live Streaming & VOD/DVD-Authoring

I can turn over live streaming setups with my mobile 4G encoding setup directly to YouTube or Facebook. I also provide DVD and BluRay authoring for DDP images. Additionally I manage on demand streaming services, including subtitles and distribution.

Websites & Web solutions

I also provide web (design) services, building your visual identity from the ground up, including domain and web space management – WordPress or dynamic HTML5 based. Ask me for references.


Selected Works
more (recent) projects available on YouTube

Women of Resilience (TV, 2024)

Women of Resilience (TV, 2024)

Speed Of Light (VOD, 2024)

Speed Of Light (VOD, 2024)

Female Voice Of Kurdistan (VOD, 2023)

Female Voice Of Kurdistan (VOD, 2023)

Life After Life (TV, 2022)

Life After Life (TV, 2022)

Female Voice Of Afghanistan (VOD, 2021)

Female Voice Of Afghanistan (VOD, 2021)

Female Voice of Iran (Feature, 2020)

Female Voice of Iran (Feature, 2020)

Cairo Jazzman (Feature, 2017)

Cairo Jazzman (Feature, 2017)

Loser Takes It All (Series, 2018)

Loser Takes It All (Series, 2018)

I&J UpBeat (TV, 2018)

I&J UpBeat (TV, 2018)

Janoska Ensemble (TV, 2015)

Janoska Ensemble (TV, 2015)

Turnadot, Brexit Operetta (PR, 2019)

Turnadot, Brexit Operetta (PR, 2019)

Noseland (Feature, 2012)

Noseland (Feature, 2012)

The Music Critic (PR, 2017)

The Music Critic (PR, 2017)

And Now Mozart (VOD, 2017)

And Now Mozart (VOD, 2017)

Comedy m. Classics (VOD, 2017)

Comedy m. Classics (VOD, 2017)

Carrington-Brown’s 10 (DVD, 2017)

Carrington-Brown’s 10 (DVD, 2017)

Julian Rachlin (Web, 2017)

Julian Rachlin (Web, 2017)

The Indian (Short, 2012)

The Indian (Short, 2012)

TCH (Live, 2015)

TCH (Live, 2015)

Jushua Bell X-Mas (Clip, 2013)

Jushua Bell X-Mas (Clip, 2013)



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Mag. Sebastian Leitner

SLFILM media – Digital Film Services
Berlin | Vienna | Remote | Worldwide


The cinema is my passion…

I love telling stories on a larger scale! Film mainly has to entertain and should not simply be “art”. Being a big fan of the Hollywood of the 90s & 00s, I’m what you’d call a film-buff. A decade of experience brought out my specialties: Strong cinematic vision, editing and Music & Comedy. I studied Applied Physics so I know about technicalities and their presentation.

Some milestones in my Short Biography
Impressum | Datenschutz

Digital Cinema Mastering – On location in Berlin or via online transfer

Please get in touch for a price estimate. Costs depend on length, specs and services needed.

DCP has been the international digital cinema standard since 2002. This is what cinemas usually show and it needs to be perfect to fulfill the high standards and strict guidelines. Many believe it's easy to create DCPs yourself but the fact is, many cinema servers are old and outdated. Cinema equipment in expensive and not everyone invests in software updates. This is were I come in: I offer professional and high-quality DCP-Mastering and have the experience to guarantee 100% playability worldwide – I will stick to the conservative IOP specs as much as possible (depending on your needs and wishes).

I provide special pricing solutions for independent and student productions as well as short content like ads.
Don't hesitate to get in touch and ask if anything is unclear. Looking forward to mastering your movie!

Basic services include:

  • Conforming to worldwide DCI-interOP specs (2K or 4K, 5.1 or 7.1 Surround)
  • Frame rate conversion to 24p (IOP safe) and resizing to scope or flat
  • Optional DLP XML subtitles (soft) made from subtitle files like SRT/STL/SSA/...
  • Or subtitles burned-in (hardcoded) following universal formatting standards
  • Color and gamma space conversion for DCI P3 standard to match your source master
  • Unencrypted only for best compatibility and instant access
  • DCP-Masters on HDD (CRU optional) in 100% compatible Linux ext2 format
  • DCP will be thoroughly tested and validated to ensure compliance

What's included in the Video Masterclass? Is it worth my money?

Understand DCP: Extensive explanations will help you to understand how to build a DCP so you can create a fully functional one yourself later.
Create DCP: How to create a 100% playable DCP yourself. This is simply explained to you step by step in examples.
Check & Transfer DCP: So that every DCP server in the world accepts your DCP and you can guarantee the best film experience.

Module #1 (40 minutes)

Introduction: The cinema format is still the highest standard. What are common problems in the cinema and who is Sebastian Leitner. Which mistakes does he often see? Why not use BluRay?
Why your DCP often does not work: What are we doing in this workshop? What are common misconceptions? The quick overview of available DCP software helps to understand which tools are not recommended.
Myth-Busting: What are the differences between DCP and BluRay? Why should you really renounce BluRay in the cinema? What features does DCP offer when compared to traditional BluRay?
History Lesson: When did cinema become digital? How did the high-end cinema start? Which guidelines do exist? To understand digital cinema you need to understand its origins.

Module #2 (130 minutes)

Technicalities: Here we go right down the rabbit hole. Amongst other things, you learn about resolution, bit depth, color space, audio and reliability. What is the global cinema standard?
Prerequisites: Why is cinema mastering so interesting for beginners? How do you achieve the best quality? What monitor settings are correct to avoid surprises in the cinema?

Color Spaces: In which color space does a cinema work? How can you get the best picture signal? How is the picture different to your PC monitor?
Mastering in Resolve: How can you turn your finished movie into a playable DCP? Either edit in Resolve or import a finished file. What about audio and channel mapping? What is LOG?
Gamma Transformation: What's dynamic range like in the cinema? How bright and dark is your finished film in the cinema? Which guideline for the best result?
Full VS Legal Range: What 'range'? What is the correct interpretation? Because you can not really test your DCP without a cinema.
FPS Conforming: What are the differences between USA and Europe? Why is there only one, global but legacy standard? How do you convert frame rates?
Quality Check: How can you test your DCP after creation and make sure it can be played in any cinema in the world. Is audio OK?
Transfer & Cloning: How to write to a DCI Linux disk without corruption? What is the difference between copying and cloning? Why you should use the right hard drive. How to send DCPs online?
DCP Export + Subtitling: Sebastian shows you a typical examples of a faulty DCP and how to spot errors. Learn about options and specs.
How loud is a Movie?: Audio mix and volume. There are no standards, but are there limits?
Re-Wrap/Versioning: How to fix errors in existing DCPs and how to add subtitles later on?
How to adjust your monitor correctly?: The difference between several players. How to quickly set your Apple display to the right color space.
Banding fix: How to minimize artefacts from insufficient bit-depth. How to avoid it in the first place.

Module #3 (150 minutes)

From Zero to Hero – The Full Process: Sebastian demonstrates DCP-mastering with examples from start to finish and shows you every step to create your own DCP. To make it realistic there is even a software error at the end, which will of course be solved. Put everything you learned to the test and see the whole workflow with real-life examples, techniques, shortcuts and potential issues. There is also versioning, adding subtitles and cloning involved. This is the real deal and your most important lesson.
Recap/Test yourself: Did you understand everything? Earn your own 'Certificate' with a simple multiple-choice test and see if you can answer all the questions correctly.

(Online) Training: Become a DCP-Professional (Resolve Workshop):

Please get in touch for a price estimate. Costs depend group size and extent.
Alternatively you can book me for 1:1 online tutoring via Skype or

I teach DCP-creation (Win/Mac) with all aspects of the audio-visual mastering process, including subtitling, transfer (linux cloning) and QC. You can book me for group or individual (online) tutoring in German and English or purchase one of my workshops: Davinci Resolve Studio (since v15) added the best cheap but professional way for DCP mastering (Kakadu J2K) but it's a lot more complicated than that with many potential issues. The crucial work takes place before and after encoding. Digital cinema has been around since 2002 and gains more importance by the day due to movie making and festival screenings more ubiquitous. My goal is to teach you how to deliver fully DCI-compliant DCPs with 100% playback compatibility – while also making sure it looks and sounds as intended! I will get you to a level to offer DCP-mastering yourself and take care of all your delivery needs.


  • Download the starter version of my DCP-mastering e-book to familiarise yourself with available tools and the basic workflow.

25 Pages, limited content (no screenshots or walkthroughs) Free

Deutsch English

Also available for Amazon Kindle: English | Deutsch

  • Purchase the FULL version of the e-book with all workflow tutorials (incl. Resolve Studio 16+, Audio and QC tools) and extras.

51 Pages, complete content, app tutorials and more €29

Purchase Bilingual

PayPal account required – Please provide your email address to receive products and use 'friends'


  • An extensive 6 hours video masterclass with exclusive materials and hands-on examples in Resolve Studio 16+ & QC tools. Pro-Insights, complete guides, tutorials and trouble shooting. In English with live audience. This is your complete resource to learn and understand DCP-mastering for a global market.

Learn everything step about cinema mastering and DCP €99 See what's included

Purchase English

PayPal account required – Please provide your email address to receive products and use 'friends'



Seminars and Workshops

3-day in-depth training course on Cinema Mastering, DCP and KDM
for five time Oscar ® nominee CARTOON SALOON (Ireland) in June 2021
together with Carl Hetherington (developer of DCP-o-matic)



Sebastian and his colleague were able to take us on a two-days journey through the art of filmmaking, exploring the technical aspects and settings of filmmaking and editing as well as the art of dramaturgy and narrating stories. His workshop was a valuable help in developing our projects further and was a perfect combination between „hardware“ (technical requirements) and „software“ (personal skills) needed when trying to develop meaningful videos.

Elisabeth Korinth (Interactive Heritage Map of Syria, a project of the Museum for Islamic Art)

Just wanted to say thanks so much for writing this ebook! The DCP I created worked perfectly (and looked amazing) when I previewed it in the cinema and I doubt I could’ve produced it so quickly and confidently without having read your recommended methods. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with filmmakers for such a reasonable price.

Mark (Buyer of my English ebook on DCP mastering)

A strongly recommended masterclass imparting important knowledge about Digital Cinema Mastering which cannot be found anywhere else. DCP creation has taken on an important role today. Sebastian Leitner shares many years of experience and his know-how. A step-by-step guide to a professional DCP.

Ehsan Haghighat, Head Instructor Film at SAE Institute Berlin

Der Unterricht ist vom Inhalt und Umfang der, den wir uns schon früher in anderen Kursen gewünscht hätten. So sollte eine Vorlesung sein! Der Stoff wurde angenehm vorgetragen und war gut ausgearbeitet.

SAE Studenten, Abschlussklasse 'Finishing and Mastering for Web, Broadcast and Cinema'

Vielen Dank für das spannende und informative Webinar. Es ist mitnichten selbstverständlich, technische Daten unterhaltsam als auch zugleich inhaltlich dicht vermittelt zu bekommen.

SAE Student, Abschlussklasse '2D/3D Animation'

International Man of Filmmaking, Producing & Editing


Started bilingual teaching at SAE Institute in Berlin

Founded "CrossGeneration Media" in Berlin with Andreas Rochholl

Started video work for "German Energy Agency"
"Female Voice Of Iran" hits 500K views on YouTube within 3 months


Again nominated for "Best Editing"

"Cairo Jazzman" (Madrid Int'l Film Festival)

Film taken on by EuroArts Music

2014 - 2016

Vice president at Drop-Out Cinema

German independent distribution label

In charge of DCP and VOD


Moved to Berlin, Germany

"Noseland" wins "Most Entertaining Doc" in Miami

Livestream of Fazil Say's Gezi Concert


Nominated for "Best Editing"

"Noseland" (Madrid Int'l Film Festival)

Worked with Sir Roger Moore and John Malkovich


Diploma degree in Applied Physics

University of Vienna

Also freelance author at "Mediabiz" Magazine


Founded SLFILM Media

in Vienna, Austria

Igudesman&Joo as first big client and partner


First steps with short movies and fake trailers

Part of ARTWELTEN film club in Vienna, Austria

Organizing cinema events and DVD releases

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